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NAJA stance on offensive mascots

Statement released at Unity '94

NAJA asks news organizations to not use culturally offensive mascots.

Whereas, the mission of unity '94, an alliance of the National Association of Black Journalists, the Native American Journalists Association, the National Association of  Hispanic Journalists and the Asian American Journalists Association is to promote diversity in the news media industry and to encourage fair, accurate and balanced media coverage of communities of color; and,

Whereas, on July 27, 1994, hte Native American Journalists Association called upon the Associated Press, the Associated Press Managing Newspaper Editors, the National Association of Broadcasters, thc Radio and Television and News Directors Association, News Directors and all other media outlets and organizations to officially discontinue thc useof Native American and other culturally offensive nicknames, logos and mascots related to professional, college, high school and amateur sports teams; and

Whereas, the Native American Journalists Association promotes the adoption of the style already in use by papers such as the Portland Oregonia and the Star Tribune in Minneapolis.   The style book at the Star Tribune, for example, states: the paper will not use the following names when referring to sports teams: Redskins and the derivation 'Skins, Redmen, Braves, Indians, Tribe and Chiefs.    This applies to professional, college, high school and amateur sports teams-

We will continue to use tribal names (e.g. Seminoles, Blackhawks). However, context should be considered: tribal names should be used in a respectful manner.   At some point we may choose to reconsider the use of tribal names.  In the interim, we will delete the "Fighting" designation when used in front of tribal names.

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Now, therefore be it resolved, that Unity 94 officially adopts the resolution of the Native Arncrican Journalist Association of July 27, 1994 as stated above

Voted and accepted on the 28th day of July, 1994 at Atlanta, Georgia, Unity '94 Board of Directors


Paul DeMain

Unity 94 President