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School Board Blues 75 minutes
Tobe Carey October 2004
This insightful docu-memoir finely details the highly charged emotional and political environment associated with a years-long struggle to change an American Indian sports team token in the Onteora, New York, school district and subsequent school board actions.  "Onteora" is a fabricated "Indian" name and its school district is the only one known to have rescinded an anti-discrimination policy in order to reinstate an ethnic sports team mascot.  

outdbull.gif (1120 bytes)In Whose Honor?

Approximately 60 min. 

Jay Rosenstein

July 1997

This is the video documentary which features Charlene Teter's in her efforts addressing the mascot issue at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.

People Not Mascots!

Approximately 30 min.  

United Church of Christ

UCC, 700 Prospect Ave., Cleveland, OH 44115-1100 216-736-2224 

Information found in a brochure describing this video states that it is "An in-depth look at the use of Native American tribal names and sacred symbols by sports teams in the United States." Price is $25.00 + $2.00 s&h.

outdbull.gif (1120 bytes)Bradley University Collection


This collection of seven videos all concern the American Indian sports team mascots issue. (Unpreviewed)

Also see More Educators' Resources for items that may have been overlooked for inclusion on this page

outdbull.gif (1120 bytes)A Resolution in Support of the Elimination of the Use of AmericanIndian Descriptions of Mascots, Logos, and Sports Team Nicknames...

February 2001

Maryland Commission on Indian Affairs

Maryland Commission on Indian Affairs
410-514-7651 (voice)
fax 410-987-4071

This well-stated resolution articulates many important concerns common to theuse of "Indian" sports team tokens and calls upon the Maryland Governor to issue and executive order directing Maryland Boards of Education, and related others, to discontinue the use such race-related practices.
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A)
outdbull.gif (1120 bytes) On the Negative Effects of Stereotyping Native Americans


211th General Assembly
Presbytery of the Western Reserve

outdbull.gif (1120 bytes)Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
100 Witherspoon Street
Louisville, KY 40202
phone 502-569-5000 (voice)
fax 502-569-5018

Among other things this resolution directs, "the Stated Clerk to write to professional teams, universities, colleges, and schools that use Native American imagery, expressing deep concern about the misuse of Native American names, images, and symbols, and urging them to develop a process to choose a new name, logo, and/or mascot for the team;"
American Jewish Committee
outdbull.gif (1120 bytes) Statement on Team Names

March 16, 1998

Kenneth Stern

outdbull.gif (1120 bytes)American Jewish Committee
Jacob Blaustein Building
165 East 56 Street 
New York, NY 10022 
(212) 751-4000

"[T]he American Jewish Committee deplores and opposes the use of racial or ethnic stereotypes in the names or titles of business, professional, sport or their public entitles when the affected group has not chosen the name itself. The AJC resolves to encourage such entitles to end their use of offending stereotypes."

Anti-defamation resolution

June 28, 1993 

outdbull.gif (1120 bytes)National Congress of American Indians

National Congress of American Indians
2010 Massachusetts Ave.,NW,  2nd Fl., Washington, DC 20036 

"Denounces the use of any American Indian name or Artifice associated with team mascots" and calls for their elimination. Resolution #MID-GB-58. This is the second resolution of its type by the NCAI. Here is an outdbull.gif (1120 bytes)NCAI Anti-Defamation statement on the mascot issue.

Anti-defamation statement Date unknown 
Association on American Indian Affairs Association on American Indian Affairs1815 H St., NW, Suite 750, Washington, DC 20006  
Covers sports team nicknames, media images, debasement of spiritual practices and strongly denounces "Crazy Horse Malt Liquor." Headquarters in Sisston, SD & offices in Concord, CA and Washington, D.C.

Outdbull.gif (1120 bytes)Countering Prejudice against American Indians and Alaska Natives through Antibias Curriculum and Instruction  October 1996
Deirdre  A. Almeida Eric Digest
Educational Resources Information Center
Besides mentioning sports team mascots as a source of stereotyping, this document defines shortcomings of current teachings about American Indians, presents methods of improvement and offers insights on detecting anti-Indigenous bias in teaching materials.  Also includes references and suggested resources.

outdbull.gif (1120 bytes)Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council 1999 Resolution

January 21, 1999

See resolution for list of GLITC  tribes

States the Council's support for the elimination of depictions of and cultural references to American Indians as mascots, logos, and team nicknames in Wisconsin public schools."

Resolution by the Nebraska Commission on Indian Affairs

April 19, 1999

Judi M. Morgan, Executive Director

Commission on Indian Affairs
State Capitol, 6th Floor, P.O. Box 94981
Lincoln, Nebraska 68509-4981

This fine document covers many good points and issues.

Outdbull.gif (1120 bytes)Kansas Association for Native American Education Resolution

March 3, 1998

Kansas Association for Native American Education

KANAE Mascot Task Force
c/o Dr. Cornel Pewewardy
Pelathe Community Resource Center
1423 Haskell Avenue
Lawrence, Kansas 66044
Telephone - 785 841-7202 

This resolution calls for the "elimination of use of American Indian mascots and logos in all public and private schools in the State of Kansas..." 


July 16, 1997 

Morton Winston, Ph.D.

(University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1978)
Professor of Philosophy
Chairman, Board of Directors
The College of New Jersey
Amnesty International USA  

Cites scholarly concerns associated with the use of ethnically related symbols which are labeled a type of human rights violation and calls upon the University to replace its present American Indian related sports team mascot.

Outdbull.gif (1120 bytes)Native American Journalists Stance on Offensive Mascots 

July 18, 1994 

Outdbull.gif (1120 bytes)Native American Journalists Association

Outdbull.gif (1120 bytes)Native American Journalists Association 1433 E. Franklin Avenue, Suite 11 Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404 (612)874-8833 

This resolution passed by the NAJA et al calls upon the media to "officially discontinue the use of Native American and other culturally offensive nicknames, logos and mascots related to professional, college, high school and amateur sports teams;..." 

outdbull.gif (1120 bytes)"Our People, Our Future" Undated
Tom Jones, President, et al Kentucky Native American Council, Inc.  
PO Box 12, Keavy, KY 40737 
606-877-1609 or 606-864-7895 
"A primary goal of this organization is to briefly educate the public about Native American Indians..." and in this concise, well thought out page that, among other things, addresses common misconceptions and stereotypes, the Kentucky Native American Indian Council has done just that.

Outdbull.gif (1120 bytes)Los Angeles Board of Education anti-mascot resolution


  Outdbull.gif (1120 bytes)Advocates for American Indian Children
This is the resolution that required schools within the Los Angeles Unified School District to honor multi-cultural and anti-discrimination policies by retiring their "Indian" related mascots, nickname, etc.

Outdbull.gif (1120 bytes)Resolution from state of Minnesota Board of Education


Marjorie Johnson, president  
"Finds the use of mascots, emblems, or symbols depicting American Indian culture or race unacceptable" and encourages all districts to immediately proceed to remove such mascots, etc."

Outdbull.gif (1120 bytes)Resolution adopted by the NAACP


Marjorie Johnson, president  
Calls for a boycott of   "Indian" sports team merchandise, support from local NAACP branches and all professional sports teams, and public and private schools and universities currently using such names and images to reject the use of Native Americans"

Outdbull.gif (1120 bytes)Resolutions From the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Various authors University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Resolutions from the anthropology and history  departments, the College of  Medicine, Center for African Studies Advisory Committee and Student Senate Equal Opportunity Committee favoring retirement of UIUC's mascot.

Outdbull.gif (1120 bytes)The Stanford Indian Mascot Story Outdbull.gif (1120 bytes)Stanford American Indian program

The history of the mascot change which took place at Stanford University in 1970-72 is outlined in this document formerly found at the University's American Indian program website.

Outdbull.gif (1120 bytes)"Symbolic Racism: Chief Wahoo and the Cleveland Indians"

January 1997, edited June 1997 

James V. Fenelon

American Sociological Association

Using a research design involving multiethnic surveys, participant observation, and newspaper analysis, the author, an assistant professor of sociology at John Carroll University, concludes, among other things, that "institutionalized 'white racism' is evidenced in display, distribution, and defense of the racial icon Chief Wahoo."

Outdbull.gif (1120 bytes)Two anti-mascot resolutions

1991 and 1992  

National Education Association (NEA)

National Education Association
1201 16th St., NW
Washington, DC, 20036 

Passed in two consecutive years by the largest education organization of its kind in the world, these resolutions specifically reject the use of American Indian related tokens, mascots, etc.

Outdbull.gif (1120 bytes)United Methodist Church Statements


Book of Resolutions

Outdbull.gif (1120 bytes) United Methodist Church

Contained on this page are the Church's official positions concerning demeaning sports team nicknames and other items relating to Native Peoples.

Outdbull.gif (1120 bytes)Wisconsin Indian Education Association Position Statement

January 1998 

Barbara E. Munson, Chair 

Outdbull.gif (1120 bytes) Wisconsin Indian Education Association  "Indian" Mascot and Logo Taskforce 

An insightful document that clearly addresses any number of educational concerns arising from the use of stereotypic "Indian" nicknames, logos, etc.  Additional resources on Wisconsin mascots and other First Nations' issues can be found at the Midwest Treaty Network.


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