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Resolution by the Eagle and Condor Indigenous Peoplesí Alliance on Eliminating Native American Indian Descriptions Naming Mascots, Logos, and Sports Team Nicknames in Oklahoma Public Schools



It is the mission of the Eagle and Condor Indigenous Peoplesí Alliance to support the regional and international work of indigenous peoples in the efforts of sovereignty and self-determination; to educate people in the Oklahoma region about these international efforts; to educate the international community about common issues and struggles of native peoples in the Oklahoma region; and to accomplish these goals primarily through the media of mass communications; and,


The Eagle and Condor Indigenous Peoplesí Alliance is an organization of people indigenous to the State of Oklahoma and the United States of America working to better the lives of indigenous peoples in the Americas and specifically in Oklahoma, and is an affiliated project of the Seventh Generation Fund whose founding principle is firmly rooted in the Great Law of the Haudenosaunee, which states, "In every deliberation we must consider the impacts on the seventh generation"; and,


The use of Native American Indian descriptions naming mascots, logos, and sports team nicknames has been determined by the United States Commission on Civil Rights, and over one-hundred organizations supporting indigenous peoplesí issues, to have detrimental effects on the achievement and self-identity, self-concept, and self-esteem of Native American Indian students; and,


Nearly one-hundred and sixty-five schools in the State of Oklahoma have Indian sports mascots or team names; the academic performance of Native American Indian students continues to fall behind the state's average; Native American Indian students have the highest drop out rate in the state; and, 


There is a need in any hostile environment to remove obstacles that may impede Native American Indian students from reaching their highest potential related to development and dignity; and,


It is the strategic priority of the State of Oklahoma Board of Education to have each Native American Indian student achieve high performance in schools; and,

THERFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Eagle and Condor Indigenous Peoplesí Alliance will support and collaborate with organizations opposing this practice; and,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Eagle and Condor Indigenous Peoplesí Alliance stands firmly calling for the elimination of stereotypical Native American Indian, ethnic, or religious images in institutions where they are employed as mascots or team names, especially when promoted by public education institutions.


JoKay Dowell-Falling, Founder, Eagle and Condor Indigenous Peoplesí Alliance

Kelly Anquoe, member

Deborah Pritchett-Anquoe, member

Anita Roastingear, member

Steve Falling, member

On February 28, 2003 



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