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On September 24, 1993, the Washington State Board of Education adopted the following resolution:

All school districts are asked to review building names, mascots, logos, activities, events, portrayal of caricatures, and behaviors to ensure that such references and activiries are free from bias and derogatory connotations or effects associated with race, creed, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, and disability. Behaviors should be reviewed with the objective of assuring respect for cultural differences, values, and attitudes to treat individuals with respect, dignity, and fairness.

Therefore, the Washington State Board of Education requests school districts review and reevaluate their policies and practices in the areas listed above and send a brief report describing the process used, and the results, to the Washington Slate Board of Education no later than September 30, 1994.

Consistent with the Washington State Board of Education's philosophy relating to local control, schools, and school districts are requested to actively involve their students and communities in the discussions and review. This review process will provide an opportunity for all students, teachers, board members, parents, and the other community members to broaden their knowledge and understanding regarding diversity and differing attitudes and perceptions. It is further requested that a copy of this resolution be read aloud at a meeting of the school directors in every school district in the state of Washington, as well as before the student bodies of each middle school and high school, and that this resolution be made available to parents and members of the community



Kathleen Anderson, President
Washington Slate Board of Education




State of Washington              TAB   18        

NOV 23 1994                                                      


DATE:                                     November 16-I 8, 1994


SERVICE UNIT:            State Board of Education                                                           ____ACTION

                                                                                                                                                 x   INFORMATION


       Pat Eirish, Policy Analyst


Attached is the fine report of the survey on logos and mascots. This survey is a compilation of documentation gathered as a result of the Washington State Board of Education resolution dated September24, 1993, asking schools to conduct a review. This resolution was mailed to all school districts and asking their response by September30, 1994.

Letters and documentation from individual school districts are available upon request.


This final report is in response to the Board resolution adopted September 24, 1993, asking all school districts to review building names, mascots, logos, activities, events, portrayal of caricatures, and behaviors. The purpose of the review was to determine that such references and activities were free from bias and derogatory connotations or effects associated with race, creed, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, and disability. The Board asked further that behaviors be reviewed with the objective of assuring respect for cultural differences, values, and attitudes in treating individuals with respect, dignity, and fairness.

School districts were asked to respond no later than September 30, 1994.

134 school districts (45%) have responded to the Board's request. (See attached worksheet.)

The Board's resolution has created a new level of awareness concerning the sensitive nature of this topic. Opportunities for related discussion between community and school groups and students have been heightened as a consequence of reviews.

Responses have included discussions of policies, procedures and practices between communities, students and staff. Cultural awareness materials have been shared and some job descriptions have been rewritten to conform with the American Disabilities Act. Cultural/ethnic diversity task forces continue to be established and affirmative action policies have been rewritten.

As a result of the state Board's 1993 resolution, several schools have decided to make changes to their mascots or logos. Hudtloff Junior High School in the Clover Park School District is purging its Indian symbol from their letterhead. They plan to select a new mascot in the fall of 1995. Moses Lake High School retained the "Chiefs" mascot, but discontinued their cartoon logo. Port Townsend discontinued their mascot costume in 1991 and has an annual review of its mascot. Renton High School is retaining their mascot name (Indians), but changed to a Pacific Northwest Indian. Tacoma, in their review, changed the Meeker Middle School "Warriors" to the "Wolverines" and the Manitou Elementary School "Chiefs" to the

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"Bulldogs." Toledo, although they retained the Indian logo, phased out the "wahoo" type character. Also, Vancouver retained the "Chieftains," but eliminated cartoon caricature portrayals and painted a new mural depicting a Pacific Northwest Indian.

Two schools in the Federal Way School District are developing plans to examine mascots. They are the Sacajawea Junior High. "Warriors" and the Illahee Junior High school "Braves." Bethel School District is reviewing their policies and will determine implementation this school year. Mead is in the process of reviewing their mascot, the "Indians."

Several schools with Native American mascots have chosen to retain those mascots due to cultural pride felt by students and the community. Some of them are: Cape Flattery, Boisifort, Colville, Dixie, Issaquah, LaConner, Reardan-Edwall, South Bend, and Wabluke.

Many of the school districts have thanked the State Board of Education for the opportunity to review these issues and they endorse and support the Board's efforts to assure responsible and respectful treatment of all people and cultures.

Letters from individual school districts are available upon request.



(AISTM Webmaster's Note - The attachments referenced here are charts whose categories include: school district; SD action taken; resolution read; and mascot.  The following is a summary of that information:

Names of Responding School Districts that Acknowledged Using "Indian" Mascots and Their Accompanying Remarks


School District SD Action Taken Resolution Read Mascot
. . . .
Bethel Delayed implementation to 94-95 school year.   Developing plan to include policy and guidelines.  Meeting with community to solicit assistance No mention Two schools with Native American Symbols (Braves)
. . . .
Boistfort Discussed with Board, community, students, tribal office of Chehalis Indians.  No negative connotations. No mention Braves
. . . .
Clover Park Hudtloff changed in 93-93. Purging Indian symbol from letterhead, Fall of '95 new mascot to be selected. Extensive discussions - staff, students, parents.  Community invited to comment. Wildcats, Mustangs, Lions, Indians, Lancers, Warriors, Falcons
. . . .
Colville Students, staff and community support use of mascot No mention Indians
. . . .
Dixie Evaluated July 94.  Treat all races with respect & team name did not do otherwise. No mention Braves (K-6 school)
. . . .
Edmonds 1991 - 92 Sch Yr (Prior to SBE resolution) changed Braves to Bulldogs No mention Warriors, Chiefs, Bulldogs
. . . .
Enumclaw Met with faculty, parent groups, students.  ASB Council conducted survey and recommended mascot be retained.   After considerable discussion Board decided to change mascot logo. No mention Chieftains
Federal Way Plans developed to examine/review issue.  Results in 1995. No mention Braves, Warriors, Others
Issaquah Reviewed with students, staff, community members.  Last spring changed from "Totems" to "Sockeyes."  High school conducted public forums & invited guest speakers.  Survey conducted.  Indian logo retained by majority. No mention Sockeyes, Indians
. . . .
La Conner Majority want to maintain mascot.   (Native American, tribal senate and chair in agreement.) No mention Braves
. . . .
Mead Created a Human Dignity Committee to assess policies and practices.  Met ten times. Will be read at ASB mtgs of each school. Indians (Under formal review)
. . . .
Moses Lake 9/20/94 questionnaire to faculty and students, parents and businesses.  Mascot appropriate -- cartoon logo discontinued.   Reviewed and appropriate steps taken to ensure all treated fairly. No mention Chiefs
. . . .
Port Townsend In 91 students reviewed and discontinued costume.  Annual review by students. Publically read at Board meeting Redskins
. . . .
Seattle Asked site councils to report.   Adopted "District offense of harrassment."  Site councils reviewing. No mention Roughriders, Indians, Others
. . . .
South Bend Discussed in length with community, students & staff.  No objections. No mention. Most all proud of Indians
. . . .
Spokane Working with Instructional Equity Citizens Advisory Committee, to prepare comprehensive document reviewing accountability, mission statement, beliefs, etc.  Developed long-range plan.  Engaged in study and dialogue regarding appropriateness of potential change of mascots/logos. No mention Pirates, Saxons, Tigers, Highlanders, Indians, Others
. . . .
Tacoma Reviewed all mascots.  Continued sensitivity to issues. No mention. Warriors changed to Wolverines.   Chiefs to Bulldogs.
. . . .
Toledo Reviewed and discussed with school board, community, students.  Unanimous mascot be utilized & all felt it was represented in a respectful & prideful way.  Toledo HS will make a change by phasing out the "Wahoo Indian" type character & replace it with more serious representation. No mention. Indians
. . . .
Vancouver School-wide process, review cmte of Native American community, staff & students.  Elem changed spring of '93 from Braves to Pioneers.   Kept Chieftains at hs but eliminated cartoon caricature portrayals, painted new mural depicting Pacific Northwest Indian. No mention. Braves
. . . .
Wahluke Conducted review, read resolution as requested.  All groups supportive of names, mascots, logos, etc. Yes. Warriors