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Vermont Department of Education 

Number of  "Indian" sports team tokens - Approximately 5

Most frequently used "Indian" token - "Indians" (4)

Quick mascot facts on the State of Vermont:

1999/2000  - Efforts aimed at retiring the "Injun Joe" mascot at Danville High continue.

Danville School
Peacham Rd
PO Box 176
Danville, Vermont 05828
Office: 802.684.3651
Fax: 802.684.1192
School District
Caledonia Central Supervisory Union
Peacham Rd
PO Box 216
Danville, Vermont 05828
Phone: 802.684.3801

Send e-mail to decision-makers in the Danville schools concerning use of its "Indian" sports team token

Contact the people involved in organizing this effort by clicking here

Background Media Coverage

Three Schools Of Thought Mark Mascot Issue 11-29-99
Principal: No Evidence Of Ethnic Harassment 11-16-99
Mascot Issue Continues 10-19-99
Comments Fly On Indians Controversy 10-05-99
Woman Pleads: Change Name Of Danville Indians 09-24-99


Letters to the Editor of the local newspaper may be sent to:
The Caldonian-Recorder
PO Box 8
St. Johnsbury, Vt 05819

Their policy is to print all letters submitted to them, but the letters must be signed, include a town address, and have a phone number as the paper calls the writer to verify authenticity.



Braves - 0, Chiefs - 0, Chieftains - 1, Indians - 4, Warrior -0  Total - 5

Danville Village School
PO Box 176 Rt 2
Danville, VT
mascot - Indians


Green Mountain Union High School
716 VT Route 103 South, Chester, VT 05143
(802) 875-2146

Hiawatha Elementary School
34 Hiawatha Ave
Essex Junction, VT
mascot - Indians

Shoreham Elementary School
School St
Shoreham, VT
mascot - Indians

Weathersfield Middle School
PO Box 28 School House Rd
Ascutney, VT
mascot - Indians