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Check out the current news article archives from B.R.I.D.G.E.S, an organization leading the effort at the UND. 

INMED tribal board: Drop nickname 12-07-99
UND NICKNAME: No consensus at Standing Rock Tribal members have mixed views about Sioux moniker 12-07-99
Badge of honor . . . or disgrace?
Nickname and controversy have long history at UND
Faculty members ask Kupchella to drop nickname 12-03-99
Let's grow up, change the Sioux nickname and move on 11-29-99
Editorial: UND name, logo issue needs time and wisdom 11-28-99
Columnist Ian Swanson: Amid controversy, don't forget Kupchella's accomplishments 11-26-99
Alternative logo is all about money 11-24-99
Jeanotte: Sioux nickname, logo dehumanize 11-24-99
New logo may not be used this year 11-24-99
Logo controversy continues 11-22-99
Population, nickname are challenges for new president 5-14-99
Nickname activist to speak at UND today 4-23-99
Conference participants: Indian team names can be offensive 4-14-99
Students plan election day rally, boycott 2-26-99
Survey says students support 'Sioux' name 2-23-99
Senate fails to override Sickler's veto 2-23-99
UND Student Senate split on nickname 2-22-99
Native Americans offer two views of Sioux nickname 2-21-99
House defeats nickname resolution 2-17-99
UND fears name change may effect alumni dollars 2-15-99
At powwow, some want change 2-14-99
What's in a name? 2-14-99
United sioux Tribes support nickname 2-12-99
Tribal pair backs Sioux nickname 2-11-99
Sioux Nickname Dishonors A Nation 2-10-99
A change of the Sioux name would be a true honor 2-09-99
Legislators hear moniker debate 2-09-99
Michael Scurry, former student senator of the Law School, steps down over Sioux moniker debate 2-09-99
Native opposition to Fighting Sioux name could be decisive 2-09-99
Students delay UND nickname-change vote 2-08-99
The Fighting Sioux Controversy 2-03-99
Council leader says tribes want new UND nickname 2-02-99
Student Senate passes historic vote to discontinue Fighting Sioux name 2-02-99
UND Student Senate votes to drop Sioux name 2-01-99
Student Senate passes historic vote to discontinue Fighting Sioux name 2-01-99
UND student addresses Sioux logo, SU behavior 11-04-98
Native American College Leader warns debate over 'Fighting Sioux' may bring violence 11-03-97
Tribes weigh in on fighting sioux controversy 10-23-97
NDSU chants inflame group 10-22-97