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North Dakota

Number of  "Indian" sports team tokens -Approximately 14

Most frequently used "Indian" tokens - "Indians" and "Braves" (5 each)

Quick mascot facts on the State of North Dakota:

Since the early 1970s, the University of North Dakota has been the site of longstanding controversy concerning that school's use of its "Fighting Sioux" nickname.     Send e-mail to UND president Charles Kupchella.

In 1992, Grand Forks high school changed its "Redsk*ns" nickname to "Knights."

In October 2001 advocates from across the country convened at the Northern Plains Conference on American Indian Team Names and Logos held at the University of North Dakota, Grand Forks.  Regrettably, even while the conference was being held, the University of North Dakota's use of a race-related sports team nickname and logo spawned the creation of racist productCAUTION!  This page contains a graphic and obscene image that may be considered offensive.   

Shortly after the conclusion of the conference the Minnesota Indian Education Association passed a resolution in opposition to the University of North Dakota's use of the "Fighting Sioux" name and logo.

For some information on Nazi enthusiast and UND alumnus, Ralph Engelstad, the man who manipulated the North Dakota Board of Higher Education and financed the grotesque stadium at UND bearing his name, follow this link.


Braves - 5, Chiefs - 0, Indians - 5, Warrior - 3, Other - 1   Total -14

Bottineau Central School
301 Brander St
Bottineau, ND
mascot - Braves

Bottineau Middle Elementary School
301 Brander St
Bottineau, ND
mascot - Braves

Cannon Ball Public School
1 Main St Box 218
Cannon Ball, ND
mascot - Indians

Fort Totten Junior Senior High School
PO Box 239 Hwy 57
Fort Totten, ND
mascot - Indians

Four Winds Elementary School
Hwy 57 S
Fort Totten, ND
mascot - Indians

Mandan High School
905 8th Ave NW
Mandan, ND
mascot - Braves

Mandan Pre School
309 Collins Ave
Mandan, ND
mascot - Braves

Parshall High School
PO Box 158
Parshall, ND
mascot - Braves

Standing Rock Community Elementary
Agency Ave PO Box 377
Fort Yates, ND
mascot - Warrior

Stanton Public School
312 Harmon Ave
Stanton, ND
mascot - Indians

Turtle Mountain Community Middle School
Hwy 5 PO Box 44
Belcourt, ND
mascot - Indians

University of North Dakota (Grand Forks, North Dakota)
P.O. Box 7144
Grand Forks, ND 58202-7144
Phone: (701)777-2474
mascot - Sioux

Wimbledon Courtenay School
1234 Education Dr
Wimbledon, ND
mascot - Warrior

Wyndmere Public School
101 Date Ave PO Box 190
Wyndmere, ND
mascot - Warrior