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 American Indians:  Stereotypes and Realities
Devon A. Mihesuah

Clarity Press, Inc., 152 pages, 24 illustrations, 1996

The author, an award winning writer and associate professor of American Indian history at Northern Arizona University, authoritatively refutes two dozen stereotypic concepts about Native Peoples.  Includes useful appendices suggesting proper teaching and research methods.
American Indian Stereotypes in the World of Children 
Arlene B. Hirshfelder Scarecrow Press, Inc., Metuchen, NJ and London, 296 pp. ,  1993
One of the most important resources of its kind, this book covers a wide range of stereotyping that occurs in everything from mascots and toys to ersatz "Indian" youth clubs.  An extensive bibliography is also included.
Books on Images & Stereotypes of Native Americans
"The following are some of the many books in the University Library at USC which relate to the stereotyping of Native Americans."
Exiled in the Land of the Free: Democracy,Indian Nations and the U.S. Constitution
Oren R. Lyons, et al, Clear Light Publishers, Santa Fe, NM, 1992 
Very interesting and informative book that includes a section on monuments and statues that bear racist terms and historically myopic rhetoric.
"I" is Not for Indian: The Portrayal of Indians in Books for Young People
Compiled by Naomi Caldwell-Wood, President, AILA and Lisa A. Mitten, Secretary, AILA 

American Indian Library Association  June 29, 1991

An in-depth and detailed item that covers stereotyping and is designed as an aid to educators searching for quality books by and about Indian peoples. This extensive article also includes a select bibliography of desirable and undesirable titles.  This page is one of many useful resources found at at site maintained by Lisa Mitten, from the University of Pittsburgh.
Playing Indian
Phillip Deloria, Jr.

Yale University Press, 1998, 229 pp.

From the Boston Tea Party's "Sons of Liberty" to the Boy Scouts, this item offers a fascinating, scholarly look at the ways in which non-Native Americans have, for any number of purposes, adopted pseudo-"Indian" dress, traditions and personas.
Shadows of the Indian: Stereotypes in American Culture
Raymond William Stedman  Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1982 
Stereotypic portrayals of American Indians in the cinema are the primary focus of this item.
Team Spirits: The Native American Mascots Controversy
Edited by C. Richard King and Charles Fruehling Springwood

University of Nebraska Press, 2001

A collection of fourteen essays that "interrogate the troubling uses of 'Indians' in athletics and recent efforts to challenge them."
Tribes and Tribulations; Misconceptions About American Indians and Their Histories
Lawrence Hauptman 

University of New Mexico Press, 1996

The author, a professor of American studies at SUNY New Paltz and recognized authority on Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) culture, has included an important
biography of Louis Francis Sockalexis in this book.   Sockalexis was the Penobscot man who is erroneously said to have inspired the Cleveland "Indians" nickname. Also found here is bio info on Harold Jay "Silverheels" Smith, another outstanding athlete who in the role of "Tonto" was one of the first American Indian actors in Hollywood.
The White Man's Indian: Images of the American Indian 
Robert F. Berkhofer, Jr.  Alfred A. Knopf, New York, NY   261 pp., 1978
A widely quoted resource book that documents the changing image of American  Indians from Columbus forward. Also contains section on attitude surveys.


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