League of United Latin American Citizens



Resolution 16: Support to Native Americans in their campaign against racial slurs

Whereas, the League of United Latin American Citizens supports the purpose of fostering and enlarging the opportunities for training, education, civil rights, job opportunities, housing, economic development and welfare of Hispanics in the United States, and

Whereas, the use by educational, athletic, and commercial institutions of American Indian mascots, is dehumanizing and degrading form of good luck token, engenders acceptance of negative stereotypes, and

Whereas, the utilization of American Indian mascots perpetuates inaccurate perceptions about indigenous peoples regarding violence, savagery, and aggressiveness, and

Whereas, general language such as "redskin" and "Indian" robs indigenous peoples who represent six hundred diverse nations of rich and unique heritage of their specific identity and

Whereas, the implementation and perpetuation of stereotypes is universally destructive to the children of those included peoples and to the children of those peoples employing stereotypes and

Whereas, Native Peoples throughout the United States request that the use of American Indian mascots be eliminated, and

Whereas, we share a common physical, spiritual and cultural heritage with our First Nations brothers and sisters,

Whereas, Native Peoples are part of a coalition seeking criminal justice for Hispanics and all other groups of people of color

Therefore, be it resolved that LULAC supports Native Americans in the U.S. in their campaign to eliminate racial slurs and stereotypes.

Submitted by Mitch Contreras, District 18 Director, Texas
Passed at the LULAC National Convention on July 2, 2000.

Signed by President Rick Dovalina:


American Indian Sports Team Mascots