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1995 Port Jervis Yearbook

     Found on page 3 of the 1995 Port Jervis yearbook is this student's drawing illustrating his ideas about "Indians."
     In addition to the animals (bison and canine) shown on the page in conjunction with the human subjects and the fact that the nearly naked "Indians" are obviously not contemporary, it is interesting to note the "sneaky 'Indian'" with a tomahawk, the "warrior" preparing to release an arrow, the "Plains Chief," "peace pipe,"and "teepee."
     Besides the possible unconscious association between wild animals and feral 'Indians' and the idea of Indigenous people being especially "war-like," this image depicts objects associated with "Plains Indians," even though the historic First Nations in New York State, where Port Jervis is located, did not live in "teepees" or wear headdresses of the type shown.
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